A Ghost of Plastic Never Becomes a Ghost

I was originally going to write about something else entirely, but I have chickened out and would rather discuss everyday jumps into possible horror novels. That may sound odd, but I tend to see the threads in my life and the living spaces I evolve into as fresh, evocative, almost screaming entrees of the horror novel. So my new apt., It is perfect for the setting of a pre-devised horror-historical novel and has sparked about three other equally creepy horror/thriller concepts. Once agin, I am seriously looking for an editor that will really be able to work with me. Finding such an editor may depend on getting my ideas out into the world.

I sometimes imagine a world where I exist as both the writer, the creator, the idea person… emphasis on the IDEA PERSON, (I have too many ideas I would love to sell a few off), as well as the editor that can step back and control the beast. (Currently working on a possible TV script based on this idea)….  I need someone who can pull it in and respond to me, and try and get me to focus on that particular response and make the inbetween creature happen. Of course I have lost my train of thought and this is just up there, floating in the air now. Someone want to be my Jekyll?

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