It’s usually good to forget how things begin, but once they gain fire…

I’m not going to start with any sort of solid concept. Maybe that’s because a solid concept has turned into an army of concepts that meet everyday to throw their brains about. I have a lot in my brain. Honestly it is way too much, whatever it is. It is a giant map of connections and points that map both the globe and the evolution of ideas from the subconscious mind to the watered down motion it eventually becomes.


On my first posted thoughts, I would like to say I respect oldschool libraries. I learned more from those almost forgotten institutions then I ever did from school. With my eyes low, the world has drastically changed. I’m all about change, I was since the moment of birth, I was a screaming, night terror-ed creature that would continue to grow, always with an exoskeleton of what I was actually supposed to experience on my mind. All concepts that appear thus are not simply thus. And that begins to ache like hell in the bones of someone who can see beyond, even just the slightest. IF you know, you know.



What I really, strongly care about, and I will back this up through this new blog, is that: it is not wrong to think something strange is going on, and you will have to get used to other people putting you down for what you may see through the static. Ok… I have so much more to write… this is just the dot on the head of Richard Feynman’s pin. So don’t worry too much about spelling, don’t worry too much about possibly being off, just keep your head open… and by that I mean keep your eyes and your mind at good capacity. We will talk soon.

Slow Ghost

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