wonderful records I barley had a chance to fall into from 2012, 2011 or whenever

I can’t sleep again…


I got up and left my apt. early this morning, created four disturbing comic book characters, and now while I think of stories I want to write… I got the urge to mention some of my favorite songs and albums from this year.

I have to start out with the truth that I don’t know when life was easy or made sense, but I go long periods of not listening to music these days and when I finally immerse myself. Sometimes I am responding to myself, in love with the attempts that people make all over the world to shine a light on the beauty of our hotel stay. So I was thinking it was a good time to just mention a few records, or songs I have loved this year…..


In no specific order. I’ve been too chaotic to think about time and order just yet…. So here are some bits of beauty that seeped into me this year…. Even though most of it was spent silent. My fault.


Bobby Womack: The Bravest Man in the Universe

Jimmy Cliff: Sacred Fire EP

Momus: Bibliotek

Gil Scott Heron: I’m new Here

Micachu and the Shapes: Never

Moon Man…

Crystal Castles: the album coming out in Novemeber

Ana Lola Roman: Her new record…

Afghan Whigs: Live at the Bowery Ballroom

Buke and Grass: Riposte

Guided By Voices: Let’s Go Eat the Factory

We were Promised Jetpacks: In The Pit of the Stomach

Shlohmo: Bad Vibes

Sinoia Caves: Soundtrack to Beyond the Black Rainbow

Spoek Mathambo…..


Cate Le Bon

Momus: The Thunderclown 4 song Vinyl…. Great to hear Momus on vinyl!


I’ll add more soon….


2012 or 2010… these are records that have hit me recently…. More to come…

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